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Lightning rods fixings

AFC0034MR Franklin elevation rods, consisting of 2 m elements, nest into each other, avoiding bolting and water infiltration, that can cause premature corrosion.

With very high resistances, it is possible to associate 3 elevation rods on a three feet saddle without guying for a wind speed which can reach 160 km/h.

They are delivered with conductor connecting clamps.


Support sockets for caulking or welding AFD2200FS
These sockets are designed to accomodate lightning conductor staffs or elevation rods by simple fitting. Like the elevation rods, they feature a hammered out section adjusted to 25 cm.They can be used as sockets for caulking in concrete cubes or can be welded to the structural steelwork.


Fixing brackets

Fixing brackets presented below are designed for lightning conductors installation such as :
– 2 fixing brackets for lightning conductors installation only or equipped with an elevation rod,
– 3 fixing brackets for lightning conductors installation with 2 or 3 elevation rods.

Distance recommended between brackets : 40cm

Other models are available in our catalogue.

Offset” fixing brackets AFZ0414PD 220 mm

Fixing by stud gun, bolting, taping…

Lateral fixing brackets AFZ0412SL, other dimensions are available in our catalogue.

For offset fixing of lightning conductor masts and elevation rod on towers, vertical pipes, metal frameworks.


Multi-purpose fixing brackets AFZ2802FU

To be used when the wall does not allow deep caulking. Fixed by stud gun, pluf or taping. Used to fix 2F elevation rods. Locked in place by a clip.


Three-feet saddle AFD3200FS

Three-feet saddle are designed for fixing the lightning conductors and elevation rods in terrace or on the ground. Made of galvanized steel, it can be used for every lightning conductors and elevation rods with a diameter of Ø 50 cm. A telescopic one AFD3300FS  is avalaible in our catalogue.

Saddle AFD1411EB

Fixing of Active 1D®, Active 2D®, Active 4D® lightning conductors and 2. 10 m Franklin rods only on towers and metal frameworks.

Taping AFD2011PS


Generally used to fix lightning conductors and their elevation rods to stacks, concrete masts, etc. Associated to taping AFD2012PS (see our catalogue).

Water deflecting cones AFD5001CE

Water deflecting cones are mainly used for vertical fixings of lightning conductors and their support masts on roofs. Two rubber models are suitable for different passage diameters. Their reinforced aluminium alloy base, forming a plate, can be deformed to match different structural shapes while remaining water-proof. Possibility of fixing by sealed rivets. Can be available in other dimension under the reference AFD5002CE (see our catalogue).


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