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Conductors Fixings

The number of fixings per meter is different according to standards.

According to NF C 17-102, all conductor should be fixed with 3 fixings per meter (every 33cm).

According to NF EN 62306-3, the number of fixings per meter can change

According to E1 table of the standard : every 50 or 100 cm.

 NF C 17-102 standards : Three fixings per linear meter.

Driving in hooks AFH2030CM

Fixing of flat conductors to masonry, concrete, brick walls etc. Use preferably with plastic plugs.

Staples AFH0030AM


To fix flat conductors on tile or slate roofs.

Roof clips AFH0030BF

Roof clips: for fixing flat conductors on zinc shingles or roof, pop rivets on shingles and welding on metal roofs.

“Mamouth” brackets AFH6032BM

To fix flat conductors on flat waterproof roof terraces. These brackets are attached by heat cementing.

Collars AFH7000AC

Fixing of flat conductors on different support types. Delivered with wood screw in steel M7 x 40.

Fixing for angle plates, towers and metal frameworks

These fixings can be used to fasten flat and round conductors to angle type metal supports.

Gutter passages AFH2002PG

This coupling is designed for interconnect rainwater slabs with the down conductor without drilling.

Clamping collars AFH1052CS

These collars are designed for maintaining the down conductors on the elevation rods of FRANKLIN France range and on all type of cylindrique elements for a clampling diameter from 25 to 100mm.



Quick assembling, no particular tool necessary. Other collars available in our catalogue.

Cement “conductor support” studs AFH8039PC



These studs are designed for fixing flat or round conductors on roof without damaging the waterproofing. It can also be installed on plant or gravel cover roofs. This solution favours also the maintenance or waterproofness. Empty model is also available in our catalogue.

Metal clips AFH6050CL

Made in stainless steel, these clips are used to fix flat down conductors 30 x 2 or 30 x 3. Fixing with pop rivets or screws under references AFH0075RN and AFH0075RP.

Clips AFH6414AC


These clips, made of inalterable synthetic material, are used to fix round and flat conductors to all materials.
Other models are available in our catalogue.

Clip support accessories AFH6422AF

Are designed for maintaining the conductors on the tiles or slates roofs with AFH6414AC, AFH6415AC,AFH6406AC models.

Channel clipsAFJ0812RE

These clips are designed for connecting easily two tapes together 27x2mm or 30x2mm for meshed cages by mechanical clamping.

“Cross couplings”(NF EN 62561-2) AFJ0819RL

These couplings are designed for the connections between the down conductors, meshes or equipotential conections, by mechanical clamping.

Other model AFJ0005RC is also available in our catalogue.

Cable sockets AFH1650CC

These sockets are mainly used to do connections between different earthing networks and/or with a metallical structure.

Other models are available in our catalogue.




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