Lightning guide

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The risk of lightning, better understand it to better guard against it. Our guide allows you to better control the global approach of the lightning phenomenon, the methods of risk evaluation according to the regulation in force and the appropriate protective measures

Lightning density

Lightning density can be set in 2 ways : Through statistical analysis of [...]

Deterministic method

The deterministic method is used in particular cases where the strict application of [...]

Complete probabilistic method

The assessment method described in NF EN 62305-2, IEC 62305-2 and NF C [...]

Applicable standards and rules

The following is a list of the standards, guides and decrees on protection [...]

Installation principles and earthing system

LIGHTNING ROD AND DOWN CONDUCTOR INSTALLATION The lightning conductor principles of installation are [...]

Protection against indirect effects

The indirect effects of the lightning are numerous. For this reason we have [...]

Systems of protection direct effects

meshed cage INSTALLATIONS  The protection by meshed cage consists in the installation, on [...]

Devastating effects of lightning

Without any appropriate protection, the lightning current propagation can produce several effects. That [...]

Stormy cloud creation

STORMY CLOUD Possibly reaching several kilometres height and depth, lightning is produced by [...]