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ACTIVE 1D® Early streamer emission

The Active 1D® excitation advance is obtained by a device  named « impulse device [...]

ACTIVE 2D® Early streamer emission

Electronic system with double excitation device The operating principle of the Active 2D® consists, not [...]

ACTIVE 4D® Early streamer emission

The innovation of the Active 4D® solution offers a complete system of lightning [...]

ACTIVE 1D® Wire Test

The Active 1D® can be tested on site with AFV0050TT wire test case [...]

Active 1D® and Active 2D® Perch test

This AFV0087PT telescopic perch associated to AFV0050TT wire test box allows to check the good functionning [...]

ACTIVE 2D® Remote Tester

The Active 2D® lightning conductor can be tested on site, with its AFV0101TT remote [...]

ACTIVE 2D® Multitester pack

Active 2D® remote multitester allows to use only one test system for several [...]

Lightning counters

ELECTROMECHANICAL, DATE INDICATOR  AND DIGITAL Franklin France proposes 3 types of counters : [...]

Franklin type simple lightning rods

“Franklin type” simple lightning rods (IEC/NF EN 62305-3) Franklin lightning rods, which are [...]

Meshed cage

The protection by meshed cage consists in the installation, on the surface of [...]

Tight Strand

This system consists in the protection of a structure without touching it. This [...]

Lightning rods fixings

AFC0034MR Franklin elevation rods, consisting of 2 m elements, nest into each other, [...]

Down Conductors

From the lightning conductor, run one or several down conductors in tinned copper [...]

Conductors Fixings

The number of fixings per meter is different according to standards. According to [...]


FRANKLIN FRANCE offers a large range of grounding products, accessories, earth rods, ground [...]

Exothermic welding

The solutions of ARGOSWELD ® exothermic welding, from ARGOS®range, will allow you to [...]

Ground Improving Material

TEREC Ground Improving Material is an earthing backfill compound of highly conductive materials, [...]

Ground tester

The ground tester is an autonomous and polyvalent product adapted to measure an [...]


To facilitate installation and ensure user safety, franklin France has developed a complementary [...]