Lightning counters and remote testers

Lightning counters


Franklin France proposes 3 types of counters :

-electromechanical AFV1007CF (IP65), AFV0906CF (IP67)

-date indicator AFV0909CF (IP67)

-digital AFV0920CF(IP65) 

The impact controller or lightning counter is designed for detecting and counting lightning strikes received by the structures equipped with lightning conductors. It is installed in general on a down conductor.

Electromechanical lightning counter AFV1007CF

The AFV1007CF counter is intended to count the number of lightning strikes circulating in the down conductors associated with a lightning protection system.

The AFV1007CF counter is of the electromechanical type. Totally autonomous, the counting and display devices operate without any power source (no battery).

This lightning strike counter therefore does not require any special maintenance.

The impact controller or lightning counter is designed for detecting and counting lightning strikes received by the structure s equipped with lightning conductors.

Counter compulsory for protected sites (according to rules in force) recommended for Expertises and Insurances Companies).

Mechanical counter AFV0906CF is totally autonomous and does not need external power supply. It is delivered with 2 AFJ0819RL collars. Date indicator counter AFV0909CF is shows and register the date and time of the lightning impact through the down conductor.The battery used is included (Lithium 3,6v battery).

Notice that while changing the batteries, the data remains in its memory even when the batteries weaken and the display is not. 

Digital counter AFV0920CF is used for lightning current, transient pulse current counting and monitoring records in power lines or ground lines. 

Installation, instructions and maintenance

1.This product can be installed in the load current power line (L, N line) above 500 A to monitor and record the surge voltage in the power line. It can also be installed in various surge protectors (SPD).

Online, monitor and record lightning strike (SPD) for lightning strikes.

2. the line that needs to be monitored must pass through th eback of the counter, no direction limited.

3.there is a RST clear button on the counter panel to clear the data as needed.

4.this product does not need to be debugged. It is in working state after general access. When the counter is not displayed (3-5 years later) the counter of the same specification can be replaced.



NFC 17-102: installation at approximately 2 m from its base. Mounting in serial on the down conductor, on a compulsory path of the lightning current.

Meshed cages : installation recommended of a counter on each frontage, on the down conductors connecting to the highest points of the structure.

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