Protection systems

Meshed cage

The protection by meshed cage consists in the installation, on the surface of a building, of a Faraday cage with large meshes, connected to the ground earthing systems. Points with low dimensions (0.5 meters), named strike points, are arranged on any summit (chimneys, shelters,…). The dimension of the meshes and the distance between any 2 down conductors correspond to the level of protection needed to comply with the NF C 17-100 standard.

Levels of protection

The mesh of a cage is defined according to the level of protection required. The highest points, the overstructures and the crossings are equipped with strike points.

Protection by meshed cage

Strike points

Franklin strike points are designed for use on industrial buildings, residential buildings and private homes. These points are easy to install, gently tapered and entirely conical, lightweight, rugged and attractive. They are available in several dimensions in stainless steel (500 and 1000 mm).
They are threaded at the base for fixing by stud gun, plug, bolting, on all materials.

A fixing bracket, designed for flat and round conductors, is inserted at the fixing point, so that clamping guarantees perfect electrical continuity.

Fixings for strike points AFE1050PC

Their utility should be validated by the angles method or fictive sphere.

Threaded rods AFF2025PC , carriage bolt mounts and expansion mounts are delivered with seal collars.

Support angle AFF0836PC

This support is designed for fixing the strike point on the installations type meshed cage.

It is mainly used during the installation of the strike point at the concrete parapet wall level or cladding metallic part.

It can be fixed with 2 M6 maxi screws.

Cement “point support” studs AFF8036PC

Cement “point support” studs: these studs, consisting of a black plastic envelope filled with cement, are used to fix strike points of meshed cages when waterproofing of the roof, terrace and acroteria must not be touched. Can be fixed by cement adhesive.

“Point support” bases AFF0503PC

The “Point support” bases can be used in certain cases. It can be used as collars fixings for strike points.


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