Lightning products

Down Conductors

From the lightning conductor, run one or several down conductors in tinned copper tape 30*2 mm fixed in three points per meter.

At the bottom of the down conductor there must be installed a control junction and a 2 meters mechanical protective tube.

If a discharge counter is required, it is installed above the control junction.

The conductors offered below are suitable for rod and mesh type lightning protection. In compliance with NF C 17-100 and NF C17-102 standards, flat conductors are preferable to round conductors, and copper is preferable to all other materials for lightning current flowing and/or equipotentiality connections (IEC 62561-2).

Flat conductors AFG0302CP, available in other dimensions and materials.



Multibraid conductors AFG5038CR, available in other dimensions and materials.

Flexible braids AFG0303CS


For portable installations

Preformed elbows AFG0030CC

This preformed elbow in tinned plated copper in compliance with NF EN 62561-2, allows avoiding sudden elbows on down conductors to the earth.

Shunts AFG0430ST


Shunt are used to connect metal frames to down conductors.They are made of flexible tin plated copper braid, and each end features a crimped eyelet. Available in various dimensions. Further details on request.

Control junctions AFK0080BC

NF C 17-100 and NF C 17-102 standards:

A control junction must be inserted on each down conductor to allow disconnection from its earth terminal. It is installed between the protective tube and the lightning counter.
The 2F control junction, featuring very low impedance and perfect conductivity, is designed for easy installation and inspection.
Features :
– For use with 30 mm tin-plated copper or alu flat conductors, 8 and 10 mm diameter round conductors.
– Base fixed by stud gun, wood screw, etc.
– Safety locking by hexagonal key delivered with control junction.
– Highly profiled and compact item.

Protective tubes AFK4200FP

Designed to protect down conductors against any mechanical impact. Placed on the ground level and near passage ways on a height of 2 meters. It is installed betweeb the control junction and the inspection pitor the equipotential bar. Delivered with their clamping collars.

Lightning earthing marker AFH8000PS

Each down conductor and lightning earthing system should be equipped with ths lightning earthing marker to prevent from a risk of contact of path voltage. It must be readable at 3 meters of distance and should be installed at a height to be read correctly.

 Available in english and arabic languages upon request.

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