Earthing system


FRANKLIN FRANCE offers a large range of grounding products, accessories, earth rods, ground improving material and has a big success with its ARGOS® products (earth rods and accessories) as well as ARGOSWELD® with its exothermic weldings.

Grounding is not only a safety element but essential for people protection and for installations good operating.

Equipotentiality bars AFK0020BE

These bars are used for the equipotential connection of the various ground conductors (cable, round or flat) and provide the possibility of disconnecting.

They can be installed on a wall, rack or bay frame etc. or in an inspection concret pit. Equipotential collars are designed for connecting pipes or other metallical masses to the equipotential network.

Equipotential collars AFH8102CE

Are designed for connecting pipes or other metallical masses to the equipotential network.

Ground coil AFK0001ST

This coil is installed in series on the equipotential link between two earthing systems. For example, between the lightning conductor’s earthing and the mass grounding.

It increases the impedance of the connection which, on a short connection, reduces the shock effect and energy transmission to the electrical distribution, without compromising equipotentiality.

The coil is connected as close as possible to the mass ground (wall or inspection pit).
Equipotentiality Surge divester AFK0112BE


To be sure of the potential balancing of the different earths when a direct link between the earths is not allowed by the application. To avoid damages and reduce the risks surge divester should be installed on the grounding circuit.


Multistrand coupling AFK0004RM

This coupling is used for the connection of the 3 strands of the crow’s foot. It is possible to connect more. 


Earth pits AFK8001RV

The earth pit should be installed in the low part of the down conductor. Designed to disconnect the lightning earthing system, the down conductor and the equipotential connection with the main earthing network of the site (excavation, MBLV,….).


Earthing grids AFK0900GT


Used for improving lightning earthing system. Each earthing grid is constituted of meshes 115 x 40 mm.

Copper -steel earth rods AFK0420PT

These earth rods are used to realize lightning and electrical earthing system. Can be lengthened with elements. Bore on the head is greased, the fitted element is knurled which allows a durable fitting and contact.

The use of an adapted threaded driving head allows realizing the earth rods driven in without damaging the technical and functional parts.The driven in by mechanical impact with electrical or thermical hammer is necessary with an important quantity of earth rods and/or for deep installations.





Galvanized steel earth rods AFK0101PT

These earth rods are mainly used for electrical earthing sytems. They are equipped with a clamping collar. Different length are available in our catalogue.


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