Global approach to lightning

Always more to serve you better

Specialist in lightning protection, FRANKLIN FRANCE promises to serve you always better. Certified ISO 9001-14001-18001 version 2015, Franklin France is in constant evolution and takes its wealth from the quality of its management and its experts. The quality of the product and the service given to the customer is its credo and the global approach declines by :

Proximity / Reactivity

Our presence in the world is a guarantee of responsiveness and our desire to be closer to our partners. Permanent support through exhibitions, seminaries or other events around the world.

Listening / Service

Each customer is unique, so we have a special approach to understand your needs and to perfectly satisfy them. Listening and customer satisfaction oriented service in France and abroad with technical and multilingual teams.


Because beyond being a customer, you are a partner, we engage with you in the success of your projects. We put at your disposal our technical expertise, the know-how and experience of our qualified and dedicated teams.


Lightning phenomenon control for an efficient and reliable protection with our Research and Development teams, engineering and installation.

Training / Advice

With our multilingual training center C3F®, we offer trainings adapted to your needs for the prescription, the implementation of lightning protection systems.


Attentive to the needs and evolution of the market, our job is also to be a player in the sector's progress and to offer our customers the latest generation products.

150000 Lightning conductors manufactured in 2018
42 years of experience
7 agencies in France and in the world
80 international partners
5 % of the turnover dedicated to Research and Development
296 days of storm on the national territory in 2018


  • 1980

    Creation of Franklin France company on the global approach to lightning idea.

  • 1986

    Franklin France created METEORAGE (operator of french network for lightning detection).

    Obtained the 1st innovation award for Saint Elme® lightning conductor.

  • 1987

    1st innovation award for its Coaxstop® .

  • 2005

    Promotion of the Active 2D® conductor with 2 devices (impulsion device and power device).

  • 2007

    Promotion of the Active 1D® lightning conductor (an easy and optimized range). It is composed of one impulse device.

  • 2008

    Obtaining permission to remove and repack radioactive lightning rods with qualified teams.


  • 2015

    Creation of the complete ARGOS® range (grounding materials and ARGOSWELD® exothermic weldings).

  • 2017

    Promotion of our 1st connected lightning conductor : Active 4D® (integrated counter and storm detector).

  • 2018

    Renewal of our ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certifications and Qualifoudre Version 2015. The obtaining of Qualifoudre referencial shows the quality of the services in 5 fields (Manufacture, Lightning Risk Analysis, Technical Studies, Installation and Checking) with skilled staff certified from level I to level IV.

  • 2019

    Promotion of our complete ARGOS® surge protective devices.

  • Research and Development

    Franklin France invests every year more than 5% of its turnover in Research and Development to stay at the top of the technology.

    FRANKLIN FRANCE works in cooperation with Researches laboratories of the main french administrations from whom it obtained patents, as well as laboratories abroad.

    All the lightning conductors are tested in laboratory in compliance with the standards in force, submitted to tests in current, voltage, corrosion and environment resistance.

    FRANKLIN FRANCE  works also with french researches centers such as : Commissariat for Atomic Energy (C.E.A),  R&D center of France Telecom (CNET), Electricity of France (EDF) and L.C.I.E.

    Numerous collaborations take place with research organizations to improve the products and the knowledge of the Lightning phenomenon. Strong in its know-how, the company opens today the way to a new generation of lightning conductors: the 1st connected lightning rod Active 4D® (integrated counter, storm detector), this re-affirms the position of leader and pioneer.

    Within the drafting of the french and international standards, Franklin France teams take part in order to define the main objectives and participate in the numerous working groups of the main standardization organisms such as the GIMELEC (Grouping of the Industries of the Electrical Equipment), UTE (Technical Union of Electricity), the CENELEC (European Committee of Standardization of the Electro technical industries). Franklin France also takes part in the Technical Committee of the American Association of Prevention Against Fires (NFPA).

    Franklin France has thousands of lightning conductors installed all over the world which protect perfectly. Franklin France introduced on pilot sites in areas of high lightning strikes supervision stations to carry out successful tests in real life conditions.

    Some sites were also choosen to test grounding in order to find the best ground improving material. 

    Our products can be adapted for all projects in compliance with  :

    • Specificities of the installations relating to their environment
    • Characteristics and  particularities of the equipments to protect 
    • Differents levels of protection
    • FRANKLIN FRANCE is certified :
    • ISO 9001 N°2001/17569.8  and 14001 N°2006/28056.7
    • OHSAS-18001 N°2006/28057.7  (Version 2015 on quality)
    • MASE (Health and Safety improvement manual for companies)
    • Qualifoudre (total Qualification)
    • The obtaining of Qualifoudre N°051168352016 label is a warranty of quality or our services provided for lightning protection and prevention.

    Certifications and patents

    Franklin France manufactures and commercializes products for tertiary and industrial sectors in compliance with French standards (NF), English (BS), German (VDE), European (CE), American (UL) and International (IEC).

    ILPA : International Lightning Protection Association gathers all the experts of electricity sector as well as manufacturers of Early Streamer Emission lightning rods from all the world. Being a member allows to participate to different symposiums organized regularly on lightning protection systems and on standards in force.

    For FRANKLIN FRANCE, this success… it is above all the alliance of the quality of its services and its products for the benefit of a profession : protection against lightning, and this, in full compliance with standards :

    French NF
    American NFPA
    English BS
    German VDE
    European CENELEC
    International IEC


    Franklin France has built itself a list of tens of thousands of references in the field of lightning conductors and overvoltage protection.
    Leader on its market, Franklin France was awarded the most important works in France and abroad. It built its fame on the global approach to lightning in various activities areas : transports (airports, ports, tolls, …), hobbies (leisure parks, racecourses, …), telecommunications (towers, telecoms stations, …), energy and environment (refineries, chemical industries, …), historical monuments (cathedrals, castles, Mosques, temples, …).