New lightning risk assessment software PROTECRISK

Franklin France reaches a historic step with the launch of its new ProtecRisk lightning risk assessment software! After many months of development, we are delighted to announce the launch of ProtecRisk, a software package that will make our customers/partners more autonomous in their lightning risk assessment and studies.


Protectrisk is a software package that can be used to carry out lightning risk studies and estimate the equipment needed for the installation. It’s very simple: the user downloads the plan of the site to be protected and enters some information. Based on this data and in accordance with current standards, the software estimates the level of risk at the site, taking into account its geographical position, type of operation, occupancy rate, etc. The user can then download the report, which includes the lightning risk assessment, a reminder of the standard and the golden rules for protection installations, and the list of equipment suited to the structure.


Partners Distributors, installers, design offices, architects, etc. will now be able to carry out their lightning studies independently and safely.


Starting today!


Don’t worry, the Franklin France teams will be on hand to train you in the use of the software and answer any questions you may have!
You can get in touch with your reference zone manager, who will send you the following links


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