The Franklin France teams announce the launch of the new electromechanical lightning strike counter (AFV1007CF).

We have designed it specifically to meet your growing needs and your ever higher technical and normative expectations.
It replaces the historic 2-digit lightning counter (AFV0907CF) that has equipped tens of thousands of installations around the world for over 20 years!

Keeping abreast of changes in the French and international markets, as well as your needs, is a priority for our company.
This new meter brings a number of important changes:

🌐 It complies with the new IEC 2018 NF EN IEC 62561-6 Ed2 standard, ensuring reliable and safe use. It is therefore tested to 100 kA in wave 10/350 µs.

⚙️this # counter already has its connectors built in and attaches directly to the  down conductors without additional parts, making installation quicker and easier.

💡 Many regions in the world are increasingly struck by lightning, and it is becoming very common to find installations recording more than 100 impacts. Thanks to its 6-digit counting system, this product is no longer limited to 99 impacts.

🔩The enclosure protection index (IP Code) has been greatly increased; the new counter has an IP65 protection index (against water splashing in any direction).

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