ARGOSWELD® exothermic welding solutions allow to connect different types of conductors together in a safe, reliable and fast way (flat conductor, round, concrete reinforcing bard, concrete steel earth rod). Allows the conductors to be welded together for perfect continuity. The principle consists in assembling in a suitable modl a filler metal and a priming product. The composition of the filler metal is a function of the metals to be welded (copper oxide and aluminum for a copper/copper solder). The reduction of copper oxide by aluminum produces at very high temperature molten copper and aluminum oxide slag. This molten copper bath is channeled by the mold on the parts to be welded, the facts melt and binds them molecularly to each other. This system does not require any external power supply. Delivered with carrying case, file, brush, gloves, closing clamp to achieve the welding safety.

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