When chosing towers as supports for lightning conductors, it is preferable to chose self-supporting towers.
They are chosen on the basis of the following parameters: 
The exact geographical location of the site, determining the type of “wind region”
it belongs to (region category 1 to 5).
– The exposure of the site: Normal or Exposed.

Guyed towers are also proposed, they are manufactured from metal trellis girders with a triangular cross section of 175 mm center-to-center, and round tubular bracing ribs, dia. 22 mm.


Self-supporting tower

If the site is exposed, the next higher wind category will be selected.

There are 5 levels :

  • Region 1
  • Region 2 equivalent to region 1 exposed site 
  • Region 3 equivalent to region 2 exposed site 
  • Region 4 equivalent to region 3 exposed site 
  • Region 5 equivalent to region 4 exposed site 

- The force exerted on overhead structures (total force to which the tower will be  exposed).

All the towers whose references are given below are composed of a base section for sealing in concrete, a tapered section and a straight section.
Only the head parts are different.

The sections are connected using bolted plates.
All the sections, including the bolting, are galvanized by hot dipping.
The nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel.

The sections and all accessories are protected by hot-dip galvanization.
Maximum height: 36 meters with standard sections.
Carrying weight at summit: 50 kg.
Carrying horizontal force at summit: 60 kg.

Guyed tower

They are delivered in 3 or 6 meter sections, each section having to be fitted with a guy stage.

Guying kit is used for maintaining all the lightning rods and elevation rods of FRANKLIN France range as well as metallic towers according to the required installation type and wind area.
It is composed of a glass fiber roll Ø 5,6 mm of 25 m, 3 lanterns type tensioners, 6 fiber security clamps, guying collar 3 directions, 3 stainless steel manilas Ø 6 mm and a set of expansion pins Ø 10 mm.

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