Warning light


Beaconing light

LED light is used to signal obstacles: towers, chimneys, bridges, cranes, wind turbines…It is a low intensity fixed light and red in compliance with I.C.A.O (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations annex 14, volume I, 4th edition, July 2013, from S.T.A.C (Civil Aviation Technical Service) and from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).




Used to signal electrical lines, BAx sphere is installed on phase conductors or any kind of eathwires. Available in Ø 500 mm and 610 mm and in two colors: red and white. Combination of the ½ spheres with different colors.

LED Medium Intensity Beaconing





Upon request.


DERPACK is used for obstruction warning in remote areas without nearby sources of energy. It works in total autonomy thanks to a solar modules and a battery.

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