Surge protective devices for coaxial networks

Coaxial protections

The surge protective devices for datas transmission and Coaxstops® are designed for protecting against  overvoltage from atmospherical origin (lightning and electrostatic) the equipment connected to communication networks as well external as internal.

  • DIN rail protections 
  • Multi lines housings
  • UHF coaxial networks

Coaxstops® are designed for protecting UHF data transmission equipment connected to coaxial networks against natural (lightning) and non natural overvoltage.The induced discharge currents are deviated to the earth and therefore will not reach the equipment. Equipped with spark gap capsules, these protections are designed for wide bandwidth applications.

They allow to transfer DC voltages to the equipment within the limit of the DC spark over voltage (or static ignition voltage) of the spark gap (surge arrestor). Coaxstops® are bi-directionnal, totally sealed and equipped with passive components only.


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