Lightning phenomenon

Applicable standards and rules

The following is a list of the standards, guides and decrees on protection against lightning :

.IEC 62305-1 (or NF EN 62305-1): Protection against lightning – General principles 

.IEC 2305-2 (or NF EN 62305-2) : Protection against lightning – Risks assessment.

.IEC 62305-3 (or NF EN 62305-3) : Protection against lightning -Physical dammages on structures and human risks.

.IEC 62305-4 (or NF EN 62305-4) : Power and communication networks within structures.

.NF C 17-102 : Protection of structures and open areas against lightning by Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor.

.UTE C 17-100-2 :Practical Guide : Protection against lightning. –Part 2 : Risk assessment.

.UTE C 17-108 : Simplified Analysis of lightning risk.

.NF EN 50164 and IEC 62561 serial 1 to 7 : Components of protection against lightning.

.NF EN 643-11: LV surge protector-Surge protectors connected to LV supply systems-instructions and tests.

.UTE C 15-443 : Practical Guide -Protection of LV electrical installations against overvoltage of atmospheric background or due to switching operations. Selection and installations of surge protectors.

.NF C 15-100: Low voltage electrical installations.

.NF EN 61643-21 : LV surge protector-surge protector connected to telecommunication and signal networks-Operating instructions and test methods.

.Decree of july 19th 2011: Lightning risk analysis and technical survey for ICE license bound sites in some topics.

.GESIP guide : Practical protection guide on industrial installations against lightning effects.

.Decree of October 1st 2007: it sets the procedures relating to the protection against lightning for secret based nuclear installations then for implementation and maintenance installations associated with nuclear military systems.

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