The famous boat « l’Hermione » has selected FRANKLIN FRANCE to be protected.

4th July 1997, Hermione-La Fayette’s association has started an amazing adventure, the frigate Hermione’s rebuilding, vessel, which, in 1780, has allowed to La Fayette to reach American rebels fighting for their independence. In 2020, FRANKLIN FRANCE has been awarded to ensure the lightning protection of this wonderful frigate, charged with history. For the upcoming tour in struck areas, FRANKLIN FRANCE has to ensure the full lightning protection. For this reason, from mid-November, our teams will install on one of the masts, an Active 1D ESE lightning arrestor with its accessories to ensure the lightning protection against direct lightning strikes. FRANKLIN FRANCE will also install Surge Protective Devices (SPD) in electrical panels to protect against atmospheric overvoltage. 

This is a new prestigious reference for FRANKLIN FRANCE who already has protected plenty of historical sites.

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