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The global approach to lightning

Global approach

Lightning and overvoltage protection

A lightning conductor installation on a building is not sufficient protection against lightning. Indeed, the lightning conductor installation only protects structures and people against lightning impacts ("direct effects"). More over, the part of the lightning strike current captured by a lightning conductor is dissipated in the installation earth. Lightning on or near an installation is at the origins of the transient overvoltages (" indirect effects") which can be very dangerous for (...) read more

Keraunic level and Lightning density

The study of a lightning protection requires a study of the local geographical conditions, especially the exposure degree of the structure
to the lightning risk to assess the "potential for risk" useful in the specification of protection devices,
to the winds, studying the structures architecture to determine the best mechanical design of the device.
Keraunic level Nk
The keraunic level Nk expresses the number of days per year where thunder is heard at a given place .
Lightning (...) read more

Winds map

Although the elevation rods are specially made for extreme wind conditions without using a guying system, it can be sometimes necessary to check the mechanical strength of the eventual installation. If a superior mechanical strength is necessary, Franklin France teams are be able to propose for you a convenient design for the installation.
Localization and exposure degree
The ability of the protection device to withstand the strength of the wind is calculated using a specific calculus (...) read more

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