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Lightning Counter and remote control testers

Activ’Test remote control tester

Digital screen 128 x 64 pixels
Checking of the functioning of the Active 2D selected
Programming until 25 Active 2D lightning conductors, serial number programmed in advance in the factory - the 10 first numbers are offered at each tester order
Storage until 3200 registartions, with the date and hour, thanks to the microcontroller FLASH memory and EEProm memory.
Possibility of analyzing the values stored in factory (battery voltage, capacitor voltage, solar or wind voltage system, interior (...) read more

Active 2D remote control tester

Saint Elme Active 2D lightning conductor can be tested on site, with its remote control tester (initial checking, periodic checking in compliance with NFC 17-102 and decrees in force, maintenance,...)
Simple and fast, the test does not require any particular operation of dismounting of the lightning conductor and can be done safety from the ground. read more

Lightning counter

Impact controller 1 Ka to 100 Ka
Conformity tests carried by LCIE
Complies with UTE C 17-106/2001
Exits also in IP67 reference AFV0906CF (see data sheet enclosed)
The impact controller or lightning counter is designed for detecting and counting lightning strikes received by the structures equipped with lightning conductors. It is fitted in general to a down conductor.
The information received by the controller can be used for specific maintenance of the equipment.
It is totally (...) read more

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