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Guyed towers

Guyed towers are manufactured from metal trellis girders with a triangular cross-section of 175 mm center - to - center, and round tubular bracing ribs, dia. 22 mm.
They are delivered in 3 or 6 meter sections, each section having to be fitted with a guy stage.
They are joined by means of cadmium-plated sleeves and stainless steel nuts and bolts.
The sections and all accessories are protected by hot-dip galvanization.
Maximum height : 36 meters with standard sections
Carrying weight at (...) read more

Self supporting towers

When chosing towers as supports for lightning conductors, it is preferable to chose self-supporting towers.
The exact geographical location of the site, determining the type of "wind region" it belongs to (region category 1 to 5).
The exposure of the site : Normal or Exposed.
If the site is exposed, the next higher wind category will be selected.
There are 3 categories :
Category 1
Category 2 (equivalent to exposed region category 1)
Category 3 (equivalent to exposed region category (...) read more

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