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Beaconing Low Intensity

Compact cylindrical lamps - Neon lamps
Composed of a weather-proof aluminium barrel, electronics with built-in High voltage converter and a red lamp complying with the specifications of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
Applications : Chimneys, towers, cranes, pylons, high buildings…
Installed directly at the top of the obstacle with a Æ16 screw or along it with a square.
Removable lamp beacons - Neon lamps
Composed of a weather-proof aluminium box (...) read more

Medium and High Intensity beaconing

Medium intensity flash lights
These obstruction lights are recommended when the structure covers a large area or is higher than 45 m.
Medium-intensity lights can cover a radius of 450 meters and can be used beside low intensity lights.
These lights are powered from a weatherproof unit with 3-m connecting cable and can be controlled by a photoelectric cell. The unit contains an electronic converter, providing voltage/current regulation of the capacitor charge required for the flash.
The (...) read more

Beaconing for line

ABS resin sphere
Designed and dimensioned for aerial beaconing on overhead ground wires and / or energy cables of 132 kV maximum, are available in two diameters (500 and 610 mm) and in three colours (Red, Orange and white).
The ABS resin coloured in the mass used for these spheres enhances their UV resistance and makes them highly durable.
Balisor high-voltage line beacons
The use of beacons on HV lines in areas concerned by air navigation regulations enable facilities to comply with (...) read more

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