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The global approach to lightning

Systems of prevention

Storm detector

Storm detector :
Autonomous local detector, field windmill
Measures in real time the electrostatic field variations
Gives the high probability of an imminent storm with a local risk of lightning strike
Measure reach : 10 to 30 km around the site
Warns before the 1st impact on the zone
Can be coupled with safety devices : selector, alarm
 It is composed of :
A measure head, which is installed on a mast
A control and main power supply unit which is installed on the wall. (...) read more

Autonomous systems for energy networks

230/400 V networks – All neutral earthing system
Cabinets of protection for strategic networks
Standards : IEC 61643-1/2002, EN 61643-11 (NF C 61-740), NF C 15-100, NF EN 60950, 50081-1 et 50082-1
These cabinets are designed for protecting very sensitive equipments of the strategic networks supplied. Totally autonomous, it protect the equipments with the ultra fast disconnection of the line in case of defect. It ensure :
protection against atmospheric overvoltages, (...) read more

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