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The global approach to lightning

Systems of protection

Lightning protections

Meshed cage installation
The protection by meshed cage consists in the installation, on the surface of a building, of a Faraday cage with large meshes, connected to the ground earthing systems. Points with low dimensions (0,5 meters), named strike points, are arranged on any summit ( chimneys, shelters,…).
The dimension of the meshes and the distance between any 2 down conductors correspond to the level of protection needed to comply with the NF C 17-100 standard :
The tight strand (...) read more

Comparative ESE lightning conductor - Simple rod

The ESE (Early Streamer Emission)
The guiding principle of an Early Streamer Emission (ESE) rises from an experimental observation. While simulating, in a high voltage laboratory, a range of electric discharges « lightning » on a simple rod ( Franklin type), one notes that the excitation times are distributed graphically in a ramdom way, with a certain standard deviation, around an average value Tsr.
The guiding principle of an ESE lightning conductor consists in equipping a simple rod (...) read more

Principles of installation and earthing systems

Lightning conductor and down conductor installation
The lightning conductor principles of installation are given in two main Standards : the NF C 17-100 for the protection of the structures against lightning and the NF C 17-102 for the protection by ESE on structures and open areas :
The lightning conductor is installed on the highest point, fitted on a (or several) mast(s) in galvanized steel or stainless steel 2 meters above any other elements .
From the lightning conductor, run (...) read more

Overvoltage protections

The indirect effects of the lightning are numerous. For this reason we have to protect all the electrical, electronic and computer elements. That is why all the products of protection against overvoltages were created.
The different protections against overvoltages
There are 3 main families of protection :
- Energy networks protection
Protect all the electrical material against the overvoltages from the energy network
Divided in class according to the protection required. (...) read more

Principles of installation

Energy network Protection
The choice of the surge protective devices to set up depends on the behaviour of the electric material to protect. The characteristics of the surge protective devices were studied to protect al levels of an electric installation. There are 4 classes of shock voltages : 1,5kV, 2,5kV, 4kV and 6kV. Belong to a class depends on the electrical resistance to the material to the overvoltages.
Some important values :
Uc : the maximum voltage under continuous operating (...) read more

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