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Medium and High Intensity beaconing

Medium intensity flash lights

These obstruction lights are recommended when the structure covers a large area or is higher than 45 m.

Medium-intensity lights can cover a radius of 450 meters and can be used beside low intensity lights.

These lights are powered from a weatherproof unit with 3-m connecting cable and can be controlled by a photoelectric cell. The unit contains an electronic converter, providing voltage/current regulation of the capacitor charge required for the flash.

The lamp (overall dimensions 325 mm’ 288mm dia.) is mounted on a aluminium base plate with stuffing boxes providing the electrical connection with the unit.

The opening of the beam is 4° vertically and 360° horizontally with a 125 W power. This device provokes flashes frequency of 20 per minute.

Incandescent lamps

These simple-design lamps come in a single or double version. They have a yellow polyamide base with a red lamp glass.

The double version provides a backup by switching automatically from one lamp to the other.

Fixing of the AY 9501 FI : on threaded base diameter 21mm type gas.

Fixing of the AY 9502 FI : 4 diameter 5mm screws

Technical sheet

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