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Beaconing Low Intensity

Compact cylindrical lamps - Neon lamps

Composed of a weather-proof aluminium barrel, electronics with built-in High voltage converter and a red lamp complying with the specifications of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

Applications : Chimneys, towers, cranes, pylons, high buildings…

Installed directly at the top of the obstacle with a Æ16 screw or along it with a square.

Removable lamp beacons - Neon lamps

Composed of a weather-proof aluminium box protected against corrosion, a built-in converter with an overvoltage protection device and input filter and a red removable lamp.

Easy maintenance of electronic, easy replacement of the lamp, direct connection by screw terminal

LED beacon lights

These beacons provide a luminous intensity of around 10 Candelas with very low power consumption.

They are recommended especially for use in backed-up systems or on solar panels, as the size of batteries or solar panels required is considerably reduced.

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