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The global approach to lightning


Controls, maintenance and safety

Efficiency and reliability of a Lightning installation

The efficiency and reliability of a global system of protection is based on the use of quality products working correctly and :

- a correct installation of the protection system in compliance with the standards,

- regular checking especially after a storm.

Approved to come to the sites, Franklin Assistance® teams are available for :

- checking the condition of your installations,

- doing a complete audit and maintenance operation,

- suggesting possibilities of improvements,

- specifying modifications required for achieving safety standards or a achieving conformity in your installations. In the case of problem, an experts report will be opened by the quality Department of Franklin France.

Controls and maintenance of the installations

The maintenance and check operations of a Lightning installation are specified by NF C 17-100 and NF C 17-102 standards and electrical standard NF C 15-100. They consist in checking :

- the state, the nature and the section of the down conductors,

- the running, the performance and the electric continuity of these same conductors,

- the mechanical fixings of the different elements of the installation, in particular those which insure the electric interconnections,

- conform to the rules and safety checking intervals,

- the values of the resistances of the earthing systems,

- the presence and the state of the different elements assuring the equipotential connection to the earthing systems,

- the mechanical fixings of the connection conductors of the surge protection devices to the networks and earthing systems.

Whatever the application and the type of network, the surge protection devices do not need any maintenance. Only the surge protection devices for energy networks and the "Saint-Elme Active 2D" lightning conductors must be checked at regular intervals, these operations are limited to check :

- its operating state and the protection devices associated to the surge protection devices (fuses or circuit breakers),

- the correct operating of the remote systems.

Removal of radioactive lightning conductor and measures contamination

According to the decree of 11/10/83 which forbids the manufacture and trade of radioactive lightning conductors, Franklin France proposes that you dispose of the radioactive lightning conductors and to ensure their recycling by ANDRA (National agency for the management of the radioactive scraps).

The teams of Franklin Assistance® are qualified to do this disposal, its collection and storage, in compliance with safety procedures required. It is also at your disposal for the teams to measure contamination of sites and to advice or inform you.

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