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C3F Training

The approved C3F Lightning French Training Centre. Become an expert in Lightning protection.

Training for the Lightning phenomenon and its protection

For Franklin France, the Global Approach includes training as well as the sharing of its expertise. In order to answer your requests, the Company has created several years ago an approved C3F® Lightning French Training Centre integrated into its ISO 9001 version 2000 quality system.

An elaborate program of training is proposed in several languages (French, English, Spanish, other languages on request) allowing you to become the experts of the Lightning protection and phenomenon.

Run by the teams of Franklin Assistance® in the offices of the company and complimented with a visit to the workshops and production. This training can also take place in your offices.

Composed of modules, the main aims of this training is :

- The Lightning phenomenon,

- The global Approach to Lightning protection and its effects induced (the overvoltages),

- The analysis of the risk and the software for calculating "Lightning Risk®",

- Regulations and standard practice

- Installation and design specification.

- Electro Magnetic effects (CEM),

- Examples of practical cases.

Programs and aims

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